United Fresh Services is services provider and an independent ripening facility for bananas and ready-to-eat fruits

  • Collaborate for a sustainable supply chain
  • Realize high quality fresh produce
  • Unique solutions thanks to an innovative strategy

Niels Borgers, 1982
"The fruit industry is ready for new initiatives. I believe in an open approach and creative solutions to collectively improve the supply chain. Like that, I see many opportunities, whereby United Fresh Services determines the new standard in service of fresh produce."
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Tim Priem, 1986
"In my opinion an independent support is necessary to meet the current requirements of the customers. I get satisfaction from things that United Fresh Services can organize well. With a passion for fruits and my outlook on customer service, we can deliver a better ripe product."
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“The solution for a transparent supply chain is seen in cooperation: with partnerships, each goal is within reach.”

“Young and modern, United Fresh Services wants to be the leading actor in the 'ripe and ready' fruit sector. The chosen open approach allows to redefine an efficient supply chain structure. With a dynamic out of the box thinking and challenging innovations, United Fresh Services reaches for the top.”

“Its unique support in import, packaging, inventory management and export allows the supply of a total service package. Like that, quality bananas find their way to the consumer, via retailers, fresh markets, wholesalers, food service sectors and the fruit processing industry.”

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